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Hello! I am known as Super Luigi 821. But...you can call me Paper Jorge if you want. Well I don't have much to add here...but I'll tell you something: Miis are so cool and cute! I wish they were in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It seems as if they will only appear as icons in the game. But I still keep my fingers crossed!

[edit] My Moveset for the Cute Little Guys known as Miis (Brawl Moveset)...

Gliding No
Weight Light
Speed About the speed of Mario, only slightly slower. <

Standard Attacks

  • Normal A: The Mii punches forward with a boxing glove, seen in WiiSports. Repeatly pressing the A button, makes the Mii punch several times. Attacking one time is very weak, but when you press the A button a lot of times, it can be lots of damage.
  • Side A: The Mii takes out his punching glove, from the boxing in WiiSports, and charges up his attack. Release and let out a weak punch!
  • Up A: The Mii swings a baseball bat up in the air, hitting anyone above him. The Baseball Bat is also from WiiSports. The attack is more poweful than the normal and side A attacks.
  • Down A: The Mii spins around, while holding a Tennis Racket. The move only lasts for about, a second, and is somewhat weak attack.

Smash Attacks

  • Normal B: Shooting – Takes out the rifle, from WiiPlay, and shoots someone with it. It does, slightly more damage, than Fox's gun.
  • Side B: Billiards – Takes out the Billiards stick, also from WiiPlay, and stabs someone with it. It doesn't do much damage, but when an opponent is hit with the stick, (s)he flies back quite far.
  • Down B: Bowling Ball – The Mii rolls the Bowling Ball on the field, hurting anyone. This attack can be charged up, so the longer the B button is held, the stronger the Mii will throw it. The attack can do very little or a lot of damage, depending on how much the B button is held. Up to 34% damage can be done with this move.
  • Up B: Cursor – The cursor that the Wii Remote makes, appears out of nowhere, and grabs the Mii and drags him in the air. The cursor then drops him. While this is happening, the Mii starts shaking his hands and feet, just how he or she does in the Mii Plaza. This shaking causes anyone to touch the Mii to get hurt. This move also does almost no damage and can do up to 5% damage.

Final Smash

  • Mii Parade – It's called Mii Parade, but its not really a parade! The Mii lifts a Wii Remote into the air...and out of the remote, Miis start coming out, holding tennis rackets! The Miis start running in every direction, and hitting opponents with their tennis rackets! Hey, no fair! It's 100 Miis attacking! Luckily, these Miis are not so tough. They are like the Fighting Alloys, or Fighting Porygons, or Wire Frames-they can be defeated in one hit. When all the Miis have been defeated, or already done attacking they will leave.

The Miis that appea in this Final Smash are all the Miis stored in the Mii Channel, plus, at least one pre-made Mii. While the war is going on, the playable Mii that you're playing as, can do anything he or she wants. However, the Mii is not invinsible so he may get attacked by his opponents...

Other Information

When choosing as the Mii character, the player can choose any Mii they want to play. Any stored in the Wii, Wii Remote or a Pre-Made Mii. The player can change color of the Mii's shirt. If changes to the shirt are made, they will not be saved, and the Mii's shirt will not remain that color. The player has to go the Mii Channel if he wants to change the color of the shirt permanently (or until he decides to change it again).

Miis are the last characters to be unlocked in the game, and the hardest to unlock. Miis are not playable in Wi-Fi play. In the Subspace Emissary, Miis do not appear, but do make cameos.


They could be an Assist Trophy. When a Mii is released from an Assist Trophy, two random Miis will come out. They both have Wii Zappers. They use the Wii Zappers to attack and launch bullets.

[edit] Comments?

Post your comments on my moveset here! No spamming though, or you'll killed.

Super Luigi 821's comment: Yay, I'm commenting on my own moveset! :P Well anyway, I thought having Miis use guns was kind of violent, but LOL, I couldn't think of anything else. So anyway, comment!
Crypt Raider's comment: This is pretty cool!
GreenKoopa: Maybe instead of using a rifle, they could do a charge attack using the cow from Charge!, like Yoshis egg-roll attack, where he goes into an egg and rolls around!
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